Pastel Geometric

I posted a picture to instagram about making sketches, and this is a final version of one of those sketches. I really love it, although the lines are not perfect :/ I used Sally Hansen Ion, Maybelline Lilac Charm and Golden Rose Rich Color 52. I painted on the pattern with black acrylic paint.

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Wheel

I got this product from Born Pretty Store for review! I choosed these nail art wheels because my ebay ones are filled with swatches, so I needed new ones, and I thought I will give these a try.

The set contains 10 “flowers” with 12 nails on each, so you get a total of 120 nails. They come with a metal ring, so you can gather them around, and maybe you can hang it from somewhere. Or you can put the flowers in a small jar or pencil holder, and - after you painted them with nice colors - they will look like a bouquet :)

Well, there is not much to say from a pruduct like this, it does what it’s supposed to do, the edges are clean, and nicely rounded, it dos not seem to be easily breakable.


The nail art wheels are white with a slightly orange undertone. I really like this color to work with, this is far better than a clear one. You can use these nail art wheels to make swatches, practice your nail art skills or try out new techniques. I only use them to swatch and try out a glitter topcoat with different bases. When I “plan” my nail arts I usually draw sketches on paper, so I dont use nail art wheels for an actual nail art.

I also made a video about these, to see the wheels in action, I made a couple of swatches and some easy nail art. You can watch the video HERE.

You can order these nail wheels HERE, and while you there, check out the nail art section, because there are a lot of amazing products there!

Don’t forget to use my coupon code CSBQ10, so you can get a 10% off of your order. The shipping is free!

I couldn’t decide wich cute pineapple print should I use for this manicure, so I painted on all :D THESE pictures were my inspirations. I used both nail polish and acrylic paint for this look, an glitter for my accent nail. For more pictures and links for the inspiration pictures visit my BLOG (it’s written in hungarian!).

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I cant believe my eyes, we reached 40.000! :) Thank you for your support!
Btw you can follow me at INSTAGRAM as well if you want to :)

I cant believe my eyes, we reached 40.000! :) Thank you for your support!

Btw you can follow me at INSTAGRAM as well if you want to :)


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Beachy nails with sand, color shifting sunglasses, colorful bikini and sea of course :) The multichrome nail polish I used for the sungalsses is Dance Legend Sulley! The gold sand nail polish is L.A. Girl Sands of Time. For the sea pattern I sponged the white-blue gradient, then I used the water spotted technique.  

I had to try out this cool cat pattern from the first and only hungarian stamping plate brand: Pet’la Plate. The black polish I used was not so good for this task, but I love it anyways :D

Barry M - Arabian (Aquarium collection)

This is 2 thicker coats, by itself, no black base! I simply love it! The color changing is amazing, it’s between olive green/gold and blue. I recommend a clear base coat or a ridge filler, because otherwise it will bring out the unevenness of your nails.

Because I love strawberry :) It’s handpainted with nail polishes. The “starwberry turmix” is a glitter sandwich, so it’s not an induvidual nail polish!

Crinkled Chorme, I think I like you :)

It’s called “Iron Out The Details”. This is only 1 coat (except my thumb, I used 2 coats on it, but it’s tooo much), it dries really quick and leaves this funny metallic finish. I think this collection is the most odd collection ever, you either hate it or love it, theres no middle road :D

Golden Rose, Rich Color 52

Perfect! Almost off-white, but still have some pink in it. It’s the perfect powder pink for me :) Oh, and it’s an easy 2-coater!