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I got a request about fruity nails with tutorial, so this is what I brought you today. Well, I admit that they are not the easiest to make, since they are semi-realistic, but there is so many easy fruity nailart tutorial (my fave is the one Pshiit made) on the web, so I figured I make them a bit realistic. It’s still doable, you only need a makeup sponge and a small painting brush.

Orange: Smudge some white and dark orange nail polish on the orange base, then paint the vein of the orange slice with white. Color the white with yellow and brush on some orange nailpolish in the cuticle line. Clean up your nails with acetone, and topcoat it.

Grapes: This is the easiest one. Dot some greenish-yellow polish with a dotting pen, wait until it dries and dot some light green dots. Paint the tendril and the leaf with a small brush. Clean up your nails with acetone, and topcoat it.

Watermelon: Smudge white nail polish on the red base, paint the little black seeds. Draw the light green line, then paint some vertical lines with dark green. Clean up your nails with acetone, and topcoat it.

Kiwi: Smudge some light green nailpolish on the green base. Draw some white and dark green lines. Make the little black seeds with a small brush or dotting pen. Paint the big white spot. Clean up your nails with acetone, and topcoat it.

Pineapple: Draw some diagonal lines with dark orange polish and then with light orange. Paint the pineapple’s leafs. Clean up your nails with acetone, and topcoat it.

I hope you like them. Sorry for the demo version description :/ :D

Another tutorial is coming soon! ;)

OPI You’re Such A Budapest & Golden Rose Carnival 01

OPI You’re Such A Budapest & Golden Rose Carnival 01

Serious, major step up in my little nailart blog’s life! I’m in the Spotlight! :D Wheeeee!!!!! :D

Serious, major step up in my little nailart blog’s life! I’m in the Spotlight! :D Wheeeee!!!!! :D

A simple glittery nailart with freehanded feather. 

A simple glittery nailart with freehanded feather. 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I just wanted to ask how you took the stick-on nails off after you were done with them? I've been interested in trying them out but not really sure how to take them off xx thank you

Thanks for the question, I should have mentioned this in my review :/ Well, the sticker is really sticky, so you can not peel it off. I tried polish remover first, but that didnt turned out so well, so I tried to push it off with an orange stick, and then I cleaned up the remaining glue with nailpolish remover.

whatwasdead asked: Hey there :) I saw your tutorial for the Burned Paper Nails and I was wondering if it works with text you print yourself? Like a certain page of a book or even a map you printed out on normal paper. It would be lovely if you find the time for a response, but I totally understand it if you're too busy. Keep up the good work and have a nice weekend :)

Hi! Sorry for the late answer :S Yes, it shopuld work with a printed text/map or basically anything. Picture or even a photo of yourself :D It can be colored too, just make sure you use a hight alcohol content alcohol like vodka and you should keep the paper in the alcohol like 20-30 sec. Or even longer if it does not transfer completely for the first time.

Have a nice day! :)

Born Pretty Store Glow In The Dark Nail Stickers

Born Pretty Store contacted me for testing some of their products, and I choosed this glow in the dark nail sticker. I never tried these “all-over-your-nails” stickers before, so I’m a true beginner. I choosed this gorgeous polar lights patterned one:

The set contains 14 stickers, so if you’re a begginer (like me) and you screwed up you can correct your mistake :D There are tiny glitters all over the pattern, but they dont stick out, they only make the surface a bit shimmery wich I think is really nice. The stickers can be a bit big for some of you with a narrow nails, but you can grab a scissors and you can cut out the excess. I made a little “tutorial” how to apply them:

I suggest painting your nalis white before you use the stickers, because the pattern is a bit transparent. After your white polish completely dried you can place the sticker into your nail, and you can push them down. Cut out and file the excess. You can use a topcoat (I haven’t used topcoat).

I really like how they look, but sadly the edges come off quickly :( I dont really understand because the rest of the sticker stick really well, I can’t peel them off, but the edges are horrible. Well, my nails are quite curved, so maybe thats why…

I mentioned that they glow in the dark…well, my camera is not so good when it comes to taking a picture in the dark…but here it is:

After a quick charging at the lamp thats how they glowed in the dark. I didn’t experimented how long should I charge them for a longer glowing, but after a 1-2 minute at the lamp they only glow for 2 minutes tops. So they won’t glow all night, thats for sure.

In total I dont know what to think. They look amazing, but I’m not comfortable with the came-off edges and the glow fades quickly. Since I’m a beginner at these nails stickers I might have done something wrong, I dont know, but I think I will stick with my freehanded nailarts :)

You can buy these stickers HERE, and you can use my 10% off code: CSBQ10. The shipping is free worldwide!

Anonymous asked: Hey, I know this is not nail related but how do you gain so many followers?

I honestly dont know :D I mean, I dont advertise myself or anything like that. I got a lot of reblogs, and I think thats how my name and my works spread all over Tumblr, and I guess thats how I gain followers…

Again, thanks to you guys! I’m soooo happy  you like my stuff and I respect every single like or reblog.

Thank you for following me! <3

If I would be Pocahontas…

(Disney Princesses Nailart Challenge - Pocahontas)

Rimmel - Rain Rain Go Away & Sally Hansen - Ivory Skull